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Books that affected your life

Biology of belief

Biology of belief


I have been feeding my soul this past two weeks reading the most wonderful books picked up at my book club. The most recent book I am currently reading eat, pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert which describes the life changing journey the author has gone through, made me think. You guessed it… about life, but also about the different things that happens in our life that affects the way we think, eat, feel, treat our fellow friends etc.

Inspired by the “food for thoughts”  comprises of eight books so far (you can share my book list on my LinkedIn) and spending time in the most exquisite place on earth very close to the tip of the African continent, I have come to think about books that have affected my life.  The idea for the post came by as I would have loved to know from you what books have changed you! So please leave a comment, can’t wait to read it!

I have cut my list short:

1.       1984 by George Orwell

I read 1984 as a kid in 1980 and I will never forget how all seemed so futuristic and intriguing. I couldn’t wait for 1984 to finally arrive. But yet who would have believed that the “big brother” will turn into a reality show in the 21st century?

2.       The journey of souls by Michael Newton

My own spiritual journey has commenced thanks to this book. Dr. Michael Newton a psychiatrist, specializing in hypnotherapy is sharing sessions of hypnotherapy cases as he reveals to himself and the readers all about past life, reincarnation etc.  Interview 

 3.       The Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton

Prof. Bruce Lipton a Cell biologist professor who through exploring the cell revealed the link between mind and matter and proves in real science how holistic health therapies work.

4.       The fast food nation by Eric Schlosser

The book and the movie have changed the eating habits in our household. The fastest food we will get closer to may be Italian or Indian mostly vegetarian.

5.       How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

This book has changed not only how I listen and talk to my kids but to everyone. It has definitely made me a better mother and a better person. The advice and insight in the book helps dealing with many issues in relationships in a very practical way.

Journey of the souls

Journey of the souls

13 Responses

  1. Add Animal,Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver!

  2. I can’t say any books have “affected my life”. I have enjoyed a wide range of literature but especially crime fiction novels for entertainment and relaxation.

    I have also read a lot of professional books that have had an impact on my teaching and influenced my values. DeBono, Fullan, Glasser and many others.

    “Who moved my cheese?” is a very insightful tale about change.
    There is always something new to stimulate our thinking.


  3. Hi
    I have been on a journey for the last two years, and I have consumed all books that werent tied down one of the best books to help with abundance, removing resistance is ‘Attracting Abundance with EFT ‘ by carol Look
    it certainly will shift your world as you know it …our world as we know it is all illusion . Once you understand quantum physics and realise that the universe is a hologram and we are all connected in space and time… the mind boggles

  4. have you read any of Stuart Wildes books he has written many all fantastic reads …miracles, the sixth sense, the force, life wasnt meant to be a struggle, just to name a few… you will be addicted he writes so amazing…metaphysics personified!!!!

  5. oh and by the way …if you want to read a gr8 health n food read Fit for Life by Marilyn Diamond gr8 read

  6. Karin, Thank you so much for all your valuable input. I haven’t read any of Stuart Wildes books, but it is now on my list for my next visit at the book store. Will also look for Marilyn Diamond. So mucyh to read… so little time…

  7. I think it would be one of a couple Ed Abbey books, Desert Solitaire or Abbey’s Road.

  8. Richard Dawkins “The Blind Watchmaker” taught me about the beauty of science.
    Jared Diamond “Guns, Germs & Steel” showed me a breathtaking view of history

  9. Oy vey. You *cannot* understand quantum physics. It is interesting to read popular explanations, but I would suggest “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Capra or something like that. Goedel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter is also a good mindblower. I didn’t realise Marilyn Diamond was still around – I went through a big Fit for Life phase in the eighties …

    I would also add Michael Pollan’s books (The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defence of Food) to the list of great reads. And of course Tom Friedman’s “The World is Flat”. I am currently reading Clay Shirky’s “Here Comes Everybody” and Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind”, too.

  10. and then when you have read all those… then experience Deepac Chopras books AMAZING…he has written at least 30 books
    enjoy Karyn

  11. just a quick note to end the day …I am now reading ‘A Whole New Mind’ by Daniel H Pink it a book on ‘Why Right Brainers will rule the future………..a very interesting read
    karyn wow so many books but our minds are limitless how amazing
    just love love reading!!!!

  12. Wow. Thank you all for sharing. My list of books to read is getting looooonger

  13. has anyone read the ‘Power of Now’ by Echart Tolle amazing I devour books. happy reading Karyn 🙂

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