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ICT budget – Use or loose

Money, Money, Money, Must be funny in ICT at school……

Here you are nominated to be the ICT coordinator at your school, a role you have asked for (or not), and you are given a budget you are told to spend on software.

What do you do?

First mission  – bring together  the teachers you suppose to coordinate and get their buy-in. (probably the toughest mission of the lot)

Second – get infrastructure right and your technology savvy at the school on board with you

Third  – Use the budget!  As you are told if you snooze you loose!

Here is where you use Web 2.0 to get connected with professionals and know how to = and ask for advice:

Please comment

 How would you use a budget that has given to you to promote ICT integration in your school?

You are invited to post your suggestions –

Points to ponder-

·         Use budget for the purchase of software or rather suggest otherwise

·         Use budget for digital equipment (such as digital camera, MP3, Wii etc)

·         If budget is used for software, what types of software? The ones that provide syllabus support, or those that are based on developing computer skills, others?