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A prayer for the children in Digital Village

Whenever I go into a township or a rural community, which I do every so often as part of my work at ORT SA, I feel so privileged to meet teachers, principals and community people who form part of combating poverty and improving the life of its children.

Poverty outcries from every corner, shacks made out of waste materials accommodating families in poorly environmental conditions and children running barefoot in between young unemployed men are few of the sights that encounter these visits.

But yet I bear in mind the last visit we had with HP in Digital village, 30 km from Johannesburg, I can’t put out of my mind the sight of a little child praying with all her heart together with her 50 other friends who are put in a two room brick house. (Relatively, quite good conditions for a crèche, as ORT SA managed to get this 2 bedroom house donated.)

A special prayer for her and all the other children living in similar conditions is to be spread.

My prayer for you child is for a brighter, better, No HIV/Aids and prospect future. Amen



I know that the sarcastic amongst you will say that these children need more than a prayer but sometimes prayers are not to change things for us but for changing us for things…so  please share a prayer…